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Since 1947, Gienow Renovations has been manufacturing beautiful, high-quality windows and doors. With our head office and manufacturing plant located in Calgary, Alberta and branches across Western Canada, we understand Canada’s harsh climate and use that knowledge to provide a wide range of products that can outlast the conditions. Windows and doors are our specialty and we concentrate solely on meeting, improving and exceeding expectations for superior products.

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At Gienow Renovations, we deliver on our promises; we finish what we start and we welcome the challenge to be the best. We strive to inspire greater peace of mind for home owners who have selected Gienow windows as their window of choice.

Our objective is to bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into people’s everyday lives.


Gienow  Renovations endeavours to be a partner in creating spaces that are comfortable and worry-free – to turn a house into a home. To protect our customers, we offer an industry-leading, comprehensive warranty. Gienow takes diligent action to select only the finest materials for all of our products allowing our customers to be confident about, and satisfied, with the quality of their chosen windows and doors.


Gienow  Renovations is proud to be a charter member of the Canadian ENERGY STAR® program for windows and doors. We are committed to meeting and exceeding energy efficiency requirements and continue to strive for leadership in developing and adopting energy efficient products and methods to ultimately allow our customers to save money in energy costs and contribute to Canada’s climate change initiatives.

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Our Story

In 1947, Gienow began a tradition of providing high-quality, beautiful windows and doors for Calgary. That tradition continues today.

40’s & 50’s

Bernard “Tiny” Gienow, a Calgary builder, needed quality windows for the home he was building, so he built his own company, Gienow Sash and Door Co. Ltd, and ran it from his home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. By 1955, Gienow was a household name.

The ‘60’s

Gienow designs heavy duty windows and doors designed for industrial work camp structures.  Strong relationships were forged with the re-locatable structure manufacturing industry, which continue to today.

The ‘70’s

In 1972, Gienow’s company became a division of Redpath Industries Ltd. and was renamed Gienow Ltd. By the mid-1970s, the manufacturing facility’s plant and office space had swelled to 76,000 square feet.

Television advertisements were broadcast in Calgary featuring Gertie from Gienow. Gertie’s folksy charm promoted Gienow’s supply and install division. Each commercial ended the same way – with Gertie stating “tell ‘em Gertie sent you”. While these commercials have not run for more than 25 years, Gertie still resonates with long term Calgarians.

The ‘80’s

In 1983, a group of Calgary businessmen purchased Gienow Ltd. renaming it Gienow Building Products Ltd. Gienow became the industry leader in on-time.

In 1989, Gienow opens its first branch, in Edmonton, Alberta.

The ‘90’s

Gienow experienced considerable growth throughout the 1990’s. New branches were opened in Kelowna, Kamloops, and Prince George British Columbia.

In 1993, Gienow begins manufacturing vinyl windows.

In 1999, Gienow moved into its current 350,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Southeast Calgary, Alberta.

The 2000’s

Gienow experiences strong growth throughout the period.

New branch locations are opened in Lethbridge Alberta and Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

The 2010’s

Gienow was acquired by Ply Gem, a US based company and the largest manufacturer of exterior home products in North America. Gienow Renovations is now a subsidiary of Ply Gem, but retains local management of the business in Calgary.

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Gienow Renovations

Located in the Ply Gem building at:

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Gienow Renovations Edmonton

Located in the Ply Gem building at:

18703 111 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5S 2X4
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