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ENERGY STAR® Qualified Products

ENERGY STAR®  is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR® symbol helps consumers quickly and easily identify major appliances and other energy-using equipment that save energy. Products that display the ENERGY STAR® symbol have been tested according to prescribed procedures and have been found to meet or exceed higher energy efficiency levels without compromising performance.
By choosing ENERGY STAR® qualified products, buyers save energy and money on utility bills, reduce air pollution without sacrificing the features, versatility or style they expect from high-performing products. Ply Gem’s windows and doors have been proudly wearing the ENERGY STAR® symbol for many years and we continue to strive to develop energy efficient products to allow our customers to save money in energy costs and contribute to Canada’s climate change objectives.

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ENERGY STAR® Zones in Canada

Canada has been divided into three climate zones based on annual average temperature. ENERGY STAR® Zone 1 is the mildest and ENERGY STAR® Zone 3 is the coldest.