Our Parent Company: Ply Gem Canada

If you’ve visited either of our Gienow Renovations showroom locations in Edmonton or Calgary, you probably noticed the sign outside says Ply Gem. Don’t worry — this isn’t a bait and switch tactic! In fact, the relationship between Ply Gem Canada and Gienow is a natural fit as both companies share similar values and history.

From humble beginnings as family-run companies with a commitment to providing the highest quality products for their customers, both Gienow and Ply Gem became industry leaders in window and home exterior product manufacturing and installation. Gienow became a proud subsidiary of Ply Gem Calgary and Edmonton in 2013.

A relationship that is over 70 years in the making

Both companies were started in the 1940’s and experienced steady growth over the years, built on a solid reputation for high-quality, innovative products. While there were a few changes in focus over the years — at one time Ply Gem offered disposable vacuum cleaner bags — both companies set their sights on being the best in class, not just the biggest. In 2013, Ply Gem acquired Gienow Renovations, but Gienow retains local management of the business at its head office in Calgary, as well as Ply Gem Edmonton.  

Ply Gem: What’s in a name?

With its eye always focused on innovation, the company started producing pre-finished wood paneling in the 1960’s. This affordable hardwood wall paneling product was a big success and Ply Gem was born — “Ply” for plywood and “Gem” for quality.

As the company continued its evolution, the appetite for indoor wood paneling waned and by 1997 Ply Gem concentrated mainly on low-maintenance exterior products. Today, the company is the leading manufacturer of virtually every home exterior product — from low-maintenance energy efficient windows, siding, and stone veneer to fence and rail, trim and moldings, and related exterior home accessories. The goal is to provide customers the best quality building products and offer a “one Ply Gem solution” for all your renovation needs.

The Designed Exterior is more than just windows and doors

With access to such a diverse line of exterior building products, Gienow can customize a cohesive design that brings together the best materials, colours, and textures to create a finished exterior that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Designed Exterior is a complete renovation solution that simplifies the process of updating your home to maximize efficiency, reduce maintenance, and improve the exterior look of your home. Gienow Renovations customers can choose from thousands of design and colour combinations to create a truly unique and customized home renovation project.

So, whether it’s the Gienow brand or the Ply Gem name that brings you here, you can be assured that both represent a longstanding tradition of quality. Our exterior renovation products are manufactured in Canada for Canadian homes.

Read more about our history or check out our range of doors and windows.  

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