New Energy Efficiency Rebates: Could You Be Saving More on Your Renovations?

Thanks to energy efficiency incentive programs like the Home Improvement Rebate, it’s easier than ever to improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint at home, and save money on those energy bills.

Homeowners can upgrade to  ENERGY STAR® windows and save up to $1,500 using available rebates. As a qualified, participating installer, Gienow can provide homeowners with more details and walk you through the rebate process, but Energy Efficiency Alberta gives some examples of the minimum rebates you can receive based on the types and sizes of your replacement windows.   

Looking to make major home improvements and take advantage of additional rebate programs in Alberta? Both the Energy Efficiency Alberta Program and Edmonton’s new Home Energy Program provide great money-saving opportunities for Albertans looking to incorporate energy-efficient upgrades as part of a home renovation project.

Key features of the Energy Efficiency Alberta Program

Before getting started on any major home reno, it’s a good idea to review the Energy Efficiency Alberta Program Guide. Here are a few highlights to consider:

  • Homeowners must start with a pre-upgrade EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation completed by a participating Energy Advisor.
  • The program distinguishes between common upgrades like window replacement and insulation improvement and custom upgrades. These custom upgrades are more specific to particular homes and include upgrades like solar water heating systems or window glazing for solar heat gain. For common upgrades, the work must be done by a contractor who will then apply for rebates on your behalf. Custom upgrades can be completed by the homeowner, but require a post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation once complete.
  • Alberta energy rebates take into consideration how much energy the home improvements save based on the starting and ending condition of the item you are replacing or area of your home you are upgrading.
  • The more energy your home upgrades save, the higher the rebate. For example, switching out a large (72 x 72) metal-frame, single-pane window for a new, vinyl windows that are ENERGY STAR® Triple pane, low-E, Argon gas window can result in a rebate of up to $376.

Edmonton homeowners: top up your energy efficiency rebates

Since its inception, more than 1,250 Edmontonians have participated in Edmonton’s Home Energy Plan. Combined with the Energy Efficiency Alberta Program, Edmonton’s Home Energy Plan is another energy savings program that offers additional rebates on home energy evaluations and retrofits.

Homeowners can receive up to $400 ($300 from Energy Efficiency Alberta and $100 from the Edmonton Home Energy Plan) against the cost of a Home Energy Evaluation. After conducting a thorough assessment of your home, your Energy Advisor will provide a custom home report. This report lists the top energy-efficiency upgrades for your windows, doors, or heating and cooling systems, and any applicable rebates.

Earn up to $75 per GJ of energy savings

Once your renovations are complete, you can apply for further rebates on the upgrades you’ve made, up to $75 per GJ of energy savings ($62.50/GJ from Energy Efficiency Alberta and $12.50 from the Edmonton Home Energy Plan). The program also offers an additional $100 furnace and boiler upgrade rebate, and a $250 rebate on a post-upgrade Energuide Evaluation.

Put your home on the energy-savings map!

The City of Edmonton is also using the program to help map energy use in the city. Participants share their Home Energy Evaluation EnerGuide rating label. This is displayed on a map so that homeowners can compare energy use between homes. The idea is to make residential greenhouse gas emissions and energy use more visible for everyone.

Our window and door experts are on hand to offer advice for rebates and provide innovative ways to improve the efficiency (like suggesting window frames designed specifically to reduce heat transfer or types of windows like casement windows that will help reduce the energy costs in your basement suite). For more information on how Alberta energy rebates can help with your home renovation and installing energy efficient windows and doors in your home, contact our  Edmonton Office or  visit the Home Energy Plan site.