April 16, 2019
Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

New Energy Efficiency Rebates

New Energy Efficiency Rebates: Could You Be Saving More on Your Renovations? Thanks to energy efficiency incentive programs like the Home Improvement Rebate, it’s easier than ever to improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint at home, and save money on those energy bills. Homeowners can upgrade to […]
February 5, 2019
Install egress windows

What is an Egress Window?

What is an Egress Window? The word egress actually refers to the action of exiting or leaving a place, which makes sense because egress windows are quite simply windows that are large enough and can be fully opened. The purpose of this type of window is to be used as […]
August 31, 2018
Construction floor plan including legal egress standards for basement suite.

Calgary and Edmonton’s Secondary Suite Requirements

Legal Basement Suite Requirement Checklist These days, more people are looking for ways to offset the cost of home ownership. Not only does a basement suite help reduce mortgage payments, it can also give homeowners a chance to own and live in a neighbourhood that would otherwise be out of […]
August 1, 2018
Gienow Windows

How To Know If You Need New Windows In Your House

When to replace windows in your home Windows provide a much needed connection between our indoor sanctuary and the great outdoors — glimpses of green foliage, beams of cheerful sunlight, and gentle summer breezes help elevate our living spaces and add so much more than four walls and a roof! […]
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