When to replace windows in your home

Windows provide a much needed connection between our indoor sanctuary and the great outdoors — glimpses of green foliage, beams of cheerful sunlight, and gentle summer breezes help elevate our living spaces and add so much more than four walls and a roof! There comes a time, however, when your home’s windows need some love and attention. Tuning into the signs that your windows are past their prime is important and early intervention can save you unnecessary headache and expense in the long run. Left unchecked, issues with older windows could lead to expensive water damage or mold in adjacent walls.

Wondering how long the windows in your home last? Well, there are a few different factors to consider including the type of windows in your home and your geographic location. For example, an oceanfront property in Vancouver may need window replacement sooner than a home in land-locked Edmonton. On average, good quality, well-maintained windows could last up to 20 years.

Age isn’t the only factor to consider though. There are often important signs that will tell you when to replace home windows.

Signs that your home windows should be replaced

While some signs are obvious, such as irreparable damage or cracks, some issues require a little more sleuthing to detect. We’ve put together a more comprehensive list of reasons to replace your windows, but here are a few of the top ones:

  • Home is cold and drafty
  • Condensation inside the glass, rotting wooden frames, water damage to surrounding trim and walls may indicate a broken seal
  • Windows that are difficult to open or close may mean the window is warped

Benefits of replacing windows

Some minor window issues can be repaired, such as filling cracked window sills with epoxy or replacing faulty hardware. But if you’re dealing with any of the problems mentioned above, your money is likely better spent replacing windows in the long term. Replacing older windows with brand new, high-efficiency windows will help keep your home comfortable all year long — warm in the winter months and cool during the summer — and will help you save money on monthly energy bills.  

Advancements in materials, construction, and features provide homeowners with plenty of options for replacement windows (and plenty of opportunities for energy savings). From beautiful textured glass for privacy to easy-cleaning window glazing, and low emissivity (LoE) coated or energy star glass for maximum energy efficiency — modern windows have a lot to offer.

Consider this: if your windows were installed before the 1990s, they were likely made of clear, non-energy-efficient glass, which means you’re probably spending more on heating and cooling bills simply due to older windows in your home.

Thinking of listing your home for sale anytime soon? A full window renovation is a great home improvement upgrade that boosts the resale value of your home.

The cost of replacing windows: What to expect

A reputable windows and doors company should provide a thorough assessment of the existing windows in your home and discuss with you the best options that suit your needs and budget. At Gienow, our professional window representatives will spend approximately 1.5-2 hours in your home during the free in-house consultation and can typically provide a quote on the spot.

When it comes to estimating how long it will take to install windows, it depends on the job specifics, such as the number and type of windows. Gienow’s professional installers take approximately 1.5 hours to replace a window and the average home takes about two days to complete full window installation.

When in doubt, consult an expert

Recognizing the signs that your home’s windows need replacing is important and there are a number of benefits to consider — not least of which is maintaining the  comfort and value of your home for years to come. Whether you’re replacing double hung window or single hung windows, upgrading from single paned to double paned windows, or moving from wood windows to vinyl windows, Gienow’s experts are ready to help.

Are you ready for an expert opinion on the current status of your home’s windows? Book a free, no-obligation quote for more information.