Top 10 Reasons to Replace Your Windows or Doors

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to replace your windows or doors, have a look at the most common reasons customers visit Gienow Renovations.

1) Home is Cold & Drafty

Especially in colder climates, it’s important to ensure your home retains as much of its heat as possible. Older windows often have only one pane of glass with little insulation. Installing windows featuring low emissivity (LoE) coated glass significantly improves the insulation value. This reduces heat loss through the glass. Windows may also come with glazing that lets solar energy pass through to heat the inside of your home. Our Eco Gain 180 High Solar Gain Glass is an example of LoE glazing that will help keep your home warm.

2)  Home is Too Hot

The sun is a major contributor to this problem when it shines through the window and heats up the air and surfaces inside your home. Glazing, such as our Eco Max Shield 366 Glass, blocks solar heat from entering your home. Windows that don’t open can also make your home uncomfortably hot in the summer. Heat becomes trapped with no way to escape. With a variety of opening options, from awning to sliders, new windows can not only let cooler fresh air in, they can also help you create drafts in your home to bring the temperature down.

3)  Noise Transmission

Noise transmission is a common complaint for homeowners with older windows and doors. If your home is located on a busy street or near schools, busy commercial areas, or fire stations, you may notice that sound can easily be heard from inside, even if all the doors and windows are closed. New vinyl window frames transmit much less sound than solid metal or wood frames, and specific types of glass can be used to help stop the sound. Gienow Renovations Representatives can help you find options such as triple glazing or laminated glass to make your home quieter.

4)  Difficulty Opening or Closing Doors or Windows

When doors or windows are difficult to open or close, it can be a sign that they have warped. When this occurs, it means that you won’t be able to obtain a tight seal, which will allow heat to escape your home or allow allergens in. Continuous use over time can also damage window hardware that will either need to be repaired or replaced.

5)  Signs of a Broken Seal

If you notice drafts, rotting wooden frames, condensation inside the glass unit, or water damage on surrounding trim and/or walls, you may have a seal failure. In some cases, these can be easily repaired; however, if the damage is too significant or difficult to repair, it may be best to replace your window or door.

6)  Old Windows

While age isn’t the only thing to consider, it is important to make note of how long it has been since the windows were replaced. Old windows made of wooden frames can rot over time and single pane glass offers poor insulation. If you have windows that were installed before the 1990’s, they likely use clear, non-energy efficient glass.

7)  Increase Comfort & Resale Value

Whether you’re considering staying in your home or selling it, replacing the windows and doors with new, energy efficient models is a great way to increase your comfort and enjoyment as well as the resale value of your home when you do decide to sell.

8)  Damage to the Window or Door

Cracked windows or damaged doors aren’t nice to look at. They offer less insulation and sound reduction and can be a safety hazard. Replacing damaged windows with durable glass maintains the integrity of the window.

9)  Difficulty Cleaning Exterior of Windows

Windows that don’t open are hard to clean, especially those on a second storey. Replacing windows with ones that open so that the exterior can be reached makes cleaning much easier. In addition, applying a window glazing such as our NEAT™ Naturally Clean Glass helps make windows easier to clean and ensures that they stay clean longer.

10) Lack of Privacy

Some windows and doors require an added level of privacy, such as those in bathrooms. Installing new windows or doors with obscure textured glass increases privacy.

If any of the above issues apply to your home, book a free consultation today and we can help you get started on your renovations.