How Does Gienow’s Free In-Home Consultation Work?

At Gienow, the in-home consultation process provides more than a window installation or replacement cost estimates. Starting with a thorough assessment of your home, our experienced consultants consider your specific needs and budget when suggesting the best exterior products for your home. Our unique design approach ensures that options for windows, doors, and/or siding deliver both function and style.

Taking on a major exterior renovation project? In addition to our free in-home consultation, we also provide one-on-one support from a home renovation design consultant. Our design consultants can walk you through all the options for siding and guide the overall design so your home is functional and looks great.

Easy and convenient appointment booking

When you request a free in-home consultation, we’ll work with your schedule to set up an appointment time with one of our sales consultants. We can often accommodate appointments within a day or two of your inquiry, but during peak periods (spring and summer), it may take up to a week or two. We strive to respond to all consultation inquiries within 24 hours and aim to get your project moving forward as quickly as possible.

Experienced, professional service at your door

On average, most of our consultants have over 10 years of experience in the window and door business. We’re fortunate to have a team of consultants, many of whom have worked at Gienow for most of their career. Our customers can rely on our consultants to provide expert advice for their home renovation project.

All of our consultants are fully bonded and insured.

Choosing the right products starts with a thorough needs assessment

During your in-home consultation appointment, the consultant will ask a few important questions to get a good sense of your specific needs before recommending appropriate products. Questions might include:

  • What do you do in this space/room? Do you spend a lot of time here?
  • What do you like or dislike about your current window or door?
  • How would you prioritize criteria such as price, aesthetics, or energy efficiency?

The answers to these questions will help the consultant determine the best products for your project and help you save money and time. For example, the type of replacement window we would recommend for your art studio will differ compared to the window we might suggest for your theatre room.

Finding out which areas of your home are too hot or too drafty, or those that don’t have enough airflow, privacy, or soundproofing will help guide the product selection. Our consultant’s goal is to help you end up with the best products and results for your renovation project. The entire process usually takes between 1-2 hours.

Home renovation design consultation

If you’re doing a large-scale exterior renovation project that requires new siding and other exterior products, we also provide the expert services of a design consultant. Our design consultant can help you decide on product colours and features.

The options are truly endless and choosing the right colours, profiles, textures, and materials can be overwhelming. Our design consultant will walk you through what design choices are best for you home. From helping you choose the best primary and complementary colours that work well together, to working well with your home’s style and the surrounding community aesthetic.

From quote to installation: What happens next?

For most projects, our consultants can actually provide a printed quote at the end of the in-home consultation. If you’re ready to proceed, we will then set up the next appointment with our construction manager, who will take precise measurements and can even book your installation date. For standard projects, we can often set up the entire project timeline on the day of your in-home consultation.

When you’re ready to move forward with the project, we make scheduling the next steps painless and simple. Measurements are often completed within a day or two after the contract is signed, and then your products are ordered and manufactured to exact specifications. All products are thoroughly inspected prior to your installation appointment.

It typically takes 1-2 hours to install a window. On average, a standard size window and door renovation project will take a couple of days to complete. Your consultant will be able to provide a more precise completion estimate for your specific project.

At Gienow, we pride ourselves on providing a superior customer experience from start to finish. From quick and simple appointment booking to same-day quotes and expert design advice, we strive to make every exterior renovation project a smooth and positive experience for our customers. Contact us to schedule a home renovation consultation today.

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