How does the installation process work for replacement windows and doors?

After you have completed your in-home consultation with one of our sales representatives and have signed your contract agreement, your custom replacement windows and/or doors will be ordered.Once your order has been manufactured and inspected, Gienow Renovations will call you to schedule an appointment for your installation. Installation takes on average 2 days to complete, depending on the size of your project – we can do about 5-7 windows and/or doors per day.

Removal of Old Windows and Doors:

The installation crew comes to your home in the morning, usually between 8:00 and 10:00 am. They will set up their tools and supplies, such as the table saw for finishing trim to make sure the rest of the day goes smoothly. The installation is done by “opening”, meaning one window or one door at a time, to ensure your home is not exposed unnecessarily to the elements during your replacement. During removal several tools will be used including, but not limited to, crowbars, jig saws and hammers.

Preparation of Window and Door Surfaces:

Once a window or door has been carefully removed to avoid interior or exterior damage to the home, the team will inspect the opening and prepare it for the replacement product. This includes measuring the opening, vacuuming and dusting out the nooks and crannies of dust and debris, using flashing and caulking where applicable. This methodical approach means that each replacement gets the full attention of the installation team to inspect the opening and make sure that any issues, like rot, are taken care of properly to eliminate future problems.

Installing Replacement Windows and Doors:

The replacement window is lifted into the opening usually from the outside, shimmed so it is level and screwed into place. If interior finishes were also included, they will be installed at the end of the project as the finishing touch.

Gienow Renovations installers will keep your home sealed against the elements and will take care of your property by laying plastic down on interiors and methodically cleaning both inside and outside surfaces so debris such as splinters of wood or old nails are not a hazard for you or your family.

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