Can my windows be replaced during the winter?

There is no need to put off your window, door and siding renovations until summer. The sooner you replace your windows and doors, the sooner you will begin to experience increased comfort and energy savings in your home!

The Window Installation Process

Gienow Renovations completes window and door replacements all year round. In a typical Alberta winter, there are only a handful of days deemed to be “too cold” for our installers to work in. While the entire process of replacing a single window typically takes 1-2 hours, the amount of time your home is exposed to the outside air is only a few minutes. Your home is only exposed to the elements between the time your old window is removed and your new window is placed in the existing hole. Our professional installers prepare each window and door location prior to removing the old window or door in order to keep the time your home is exposed to a minimum.

A standard installation of renovation windows and doors uses screws and spray foam insulation, which are viable in some of the coldest weather. The installation process does not require warm weather to replace old and unreliable windows with new, energy efficient ones to even better seal your home from the weather outside.

Minimizing Cold Exposure

Gienow Renovations installers will do their best to minimize the impact of the window replacement in your home. Windows are always installed one by one, so there will never be more than a single opening exposed at once. Where possible, installers will close exterior doors when coming in and out to try to minimize the cold air impact to a single room at a time.

What Else Can be Done During the Winter?

Siding, soffit, fascia and other exterior products can easily be removed and installed throughout the year without significant cold air exposure in your home.

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