How much will I save on my energy bills?

Energy efficiency concerns are perhaps the easiest way to justify replacing your windows and doors since you will find an immediate and continuous payback on your utility bills. While it is certain that replacing older windows and doors will result in lower heating (and cooling) costs, quantifying the results is much more difficult.

Contributing Factors to Energy Savings

Your energy savings depend on the type of windows you currently have as well as the window styles and glass types you select for your new windows. Other physical characteristics such as the orientation of your home and the number of trees (shading), will also have an impact on your energy savings.

To give a better idea of what is the least energy efficient and what is the best for each type of category mentioned above, we have put together a few comparisons to give you an idea of where your current windows stand.

Window Types

An aluminum frame window is less energy efficient than a wood framed window, which is less energy efficient than a vinyl window.

Window Styles

A vertical or horizontal window is less energy efficient than an awning window, which is less energy efficient than a casement window.

Glass Types

Single panes are less energy efficient than dual panes, which are less energy efficient than triple panes. Glass technology has advanced quite a lot from the old single pane windows. Your new glass can have additional Low Ē coatings applied to the interior or exterior of the glass surface which increases your windows ability to keep heat in during the winter or keep your home cooler in the summer. These coatings are a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your new windows.

Energy Efficiency Calculator

For an unbiased, third-party estimate of how much money you could save, see Cardinal Corporation’s Energy Calculator.

Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

As part of their new rebate program, Energy Efficiency Alberta has also created a tool that estimates the energy savings new windows will create. During a free in-home consultation, your Gienow Renovations consultant can enter details about your current windows into the tool and give you an estimate on the energy savings (as well as an estimated rebate) new windows can provide.

Summer Energy Savings

While lowering winter heating costs is the obvious concern in our Alberta climate, we often forget about the amount of discomfort our sunny Alberta summers can bring. If you do not currently have air-conditioning, selecting new windows with high solar shielding properties can make your home cooler and more comfortable in the summer (and thus less necessary to consider installing air conditioning). If you already have air-conditioning, your home will stay naturally cooler, so you will also experience lower electricity bills all summer long!


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