High Performance Door Sill Option

Available for steel or fiberglass door systems as well as aluminum clad wood swing patio doors. This sill provides performance water test values required under new standards being implemented across North America.

The high performance sill features a water return system. This means that any water passing the seal will drop into the vinyl channel. This channel is constructed so that it can be walked on, and the channel is small enough that rocks or high heels will not fall in or get stuck. The water will then drain through the paths drilled through the solid, non-absorbent sill material. The sill material was chosen due to it’s resistance of mold, mildew and rot and it’s ability to repel moisture. Once the water clears through the sill material there are water drainage holes drilled in the sill nosing which allows the water to drain out. The nosing is special as it has a drip lip which ensures water drains away from your home and not back in or under the door sill. In combination with a special automotive grade rubber sweep, this sill is a great option to ensure your home is water tight.

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High Performance Sill

In the above and right images we show the path of water through the high performance sill. Drainage channels (shown in orange to the right) within the door sill drain water safely away. This replacement door sill will ensure water tight protection from the elements.