Sliding Patio Door Screens

Adding a sliding patio screen door is a great way to connect outdoor spaces to the rest of your home. Compared to swinging patio or French doors, sliding patio doors maximize floor space and also let in plenty of fresh air and light. A patio screen also helps with insect screening and to keep out dirt, and debris out of the house while the sliding door is open. 

Whether you’re looking for a replacement door or starting a home renovation project, Gienow has a range of sliding patio door options. We can even accommodate ceiling heights from 6’8” to 8’ and multiple panel configurations. 

In addition to customizable patio screens, there are energy-efficient options including Low E glazing for your sliding glass door. Upgrades such as in-glass blinds mean you can easily adjust privacy and light with no dusting or additional window coverings required. 

Customize Your Patio Screen

The door screen itself is made of mesh wrapped around a frame and is placed in a track on your sliding patio door. Depending on the style of the patio screen door you choose (vinyl, aluminum-clad wood, or aluminum-clad vinyl), you’ll have different sliding door frame colour options for a customized exterior look. 

Vinyl Sliding Patio Screen Doors

Durable and low maintenance, vinyl sliding patio doors make it easy and convenient to access outdoor spaces. With a range of options including 2-wide, 3-wide, and 4-wide panels, Gienow vinyl sliding patio doors are energy efficient and help boost airflow while still letting in light. Vinyl sliding patio screens can be made to match white or beige frames.

Ready to make your indoor-outdoor living dreams come true? Contact the Gienow Windows and Doors team to help plan your next project. 

Vinyl Screen Frame Colours

*Colours may vary based on screen resolution



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Aluminum Clad Wood Screen Frame Colours

Featuring the durability of modern materials and the traditional look of wood, aluminum clad wood sliding patio doors are a great design choice for both beauty and function. Maintenance-free, aluminum clad wood sliding door options include two distinctive frame designs and 2-, 3-, and 4-wide panel configurations. Complementary patio screens can be made to match a wide range of exterior cladding colours.

*Colours may vary based on screen resolution





Sage Green

Slate Grey

Clear Anodized

Brown †

Black †

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Aluminum Clad Vinyl Screen Frame Colours

Built to perform in extreme weather conditions, Gienow aluminum clad vinyl sliding doors are long-lasting and energy efficient. The exterior features extruded aluminum cladding, while the interior vinyl looks great and is low maintenance. Patio screens can be customized to match several exterior cladding colours.

*Colours may vary based on screen resolution




Slate Grey

Warm Silver