Entrance and Swing Patio Door
Handles and Hinges

Upgrading your front door hardware or swinging patio door handles is an easy way to boost curb appeal while improving home security and energy efficiency. From traditional to contemporary, there is a Sentry™ Door Handle to fit your style for both front entrance and swing patio doors. 

Gienow offers a wide range of front door knob and handles. We have a variety of styles to complement high-quality fibreglass and steel entrance doors and both swinging and French patio doors. Choose from five styles and ten finishes for a customized entryway look that makes a great first impression when people walk through your door. 

Multi-Point Locking Front Door Handles 

Sentry™ door lever-style handles look great and they have the added bonus of providing a multi-point lock. By securing the door to its frame at multiple points, this door lock ensures greater security. This also helps improved weather seal compared to a standard, two-hole lockset and deadbolt. A better door seal helps reduce heat loss from your home, improving energy efficiency and keeping you warm and secure all year round. 

Stylish Door Handles Create a Custom Look 

Gienow carries an impressive selection of front door handleset designs available in decorative plated and painted finishes. It’s easy to create a look that works with your home’s overall design aesthetic. From classic to contemporary, Gienow carries complementary patio and front door handles that are stylish and secure. 

Additional features:

  • Easily confirm lock status and access the key single-cylinder with industry-standard deadbolt configuration featuring the thumb turn above the handle. 
  • Optional longer spindle and mounting screws available for larger, thicker doors.
  • Industry-standard 92mm spacing between the handle and thumb-turn.
  • Standard North American keyway for simplified keying, similar to other doors in your home.

Front Entrance Hinges

Complete the look of your swinging patio door or front entry door. Upgrade to stylish, adjustable hinges available in matching finishes to the Sentry™ door handles.

Guide and set hinges work in concert to allow simultaneous vertical and horizontal adjustments for a perfect fit.

Additional features:

  • Non-removable pins prevent tampering on out-swing doors for increased security.
  • Composite bushings deliver long-lasting, noise-free operation.
  • Sophisticated design for easy installation with no guesswork or accidental splitting. 
  • Available in painted finishes over aluminum or decorative finishes over brass for a complimentary whole-home look that matches front door handles and locksets. 
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Front Entrance Handle Styles

These multi-point locking hardware ensures greater security and improved weather seals.






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Front Entrance Handle Colours

*Colours may vary due to screen resolution

White Painted

Beige Painted

Faux Bronze Painted

Matte Black Painted

Brass Plated ($) †

Antique Brass Plated ($)

Brushed Chrome Plated ($) †

Polished Chrome Plated ($) †

Satin Nickel Plated ($) †

Oil Rubbed Bronze Plated ($) †

† Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is an extremely durable and environmentally-friendly finish. PVD finishes are resistant to fading and discolouration by direct sunlight, UV light or humidity and also withstand the harsh environmental elements found in some coastal areas.

$ Indicates increased cost

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Front Entrance Hinge Styles

The standard hinge on our doors features a stylish radius hinge detail. Spring hinges are available for use in garage-to-house doors or anywhere where a self-closing door is desired. Ball bearing hinges are a great alternative to ensure heavier doors will swing smoothly for the lifetime of the door.

Standard Hinge

Plated Finishes: Brass, Brushed Chrome and Pewter.

Ball Bearing Hinge

Painted Finishes: Matte Black.
Plated Finishes: Brass, Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome, Satin Nickel, Pewter and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Adjustable Hinge

Painted Finishes: White, Beige, Faux Bronze and Matte Black.
Plated Finishes: Brass, Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Spring Hinge

Painted Finishes: Matte Black.
Plated Finishes: Brass, Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome, Pewter, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.