Fibreglass and Steel Entrance Doors

For centuries, doors have been a focal point in the design of a quality home. After all, the front door creates the first impression for visitors and sets the tone for the style of both the exterior and interior of the home. By combining doors, sidelites, and transoms, and selecting from hundreds of slab and doorlite alternatives, you can create spectacular entrance systems that complement the architectural style of your home.

  • Choose from dozens of different door slab designs in steel, smooth fiberglass or stainable fiberglass.
  • Sturdy hem-fir door frame with an intergraded, high performance sill for a weather tight seal.
  • Optional extruded aluminum Frame cladding with an integral aluminum nailing fin (4 9⁄16˝ and 6 9⁄16˝ jambs feature a vinyl nailing fin). Injection molded corner keys insure frame stays square.
  • Jamb cladding components made from roll form aluminium, 33% thicker than industry norm, to resist site damage. Its innovative design ensures cladding can expand and contract without buckling.
  • Wood brickmould or flat casings available in stain grade, primed and vinyl wrapped. Coloured vinyl 2-part brickmould options are also available.
  • A fixed door sweep is used rather than a traditional “box” sweep. Featuring GEON vinyl, the sweep is designed to retain its flexibility in temperatures as low as -40°C.
  • Choose from hundreds of styles of standard and decorative doorlites.
  • Standard doorlites available in the same double glazing or triple glazing as our windows with a variety of Eco glass options to maximize energy efficiency. To increase curb appeal add in-glass grilles.
  • Multi-Point Lock hardware available to ensure greater security and improved weather seal. Offered in five styles and ten finishes to match your décor.
  • Tru-Lock is also offered for increased security; the system functions the same as a standard latch and dead-bolt.
  • Adjustable strikers and hinges in matching hardware finishes are also offered to complete your entrance system package.
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Fiber Stain Entry Doors

Our Fiber Stain doors offer the beauty of traditional wood doors without the risk of warping, rot or rust. All our doors are compression molded to provide high impact strength. That means they`ll stand up to the knocks and kicks of everyday use without so much as a ding or dent. Fiber-Stain door panels are available in a variety of embossing patterns and woodgrain styles that can be stained or painted to suit your décor. With four grain patterns to choose from, fir, mahogany, rustic and oak, this door will have the perfect entrance impact.

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Fiber Tuff Entry Doors

Nothing creates a warm welcome like a brightly painted front door. And no wood door holds paint as well as our Fiber Tuff fiberglass doors. Our Fiber Tuff doors won`t dent, warp, rot or rust and insulate up to six times better than wood doors. Choose from a variety of flush and embossed panel styles in 6’8”and 8’ sizes. Most styles can be configured with your choice of decorative glass.

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Steel Entry Doors

One of the most secure doors you can buy, our steel entry doors offer exceptional value, superior performance and outstanding beauty. Because it doesn’t absorb moisture like wood, the steel skin holds paint longer. It also prevents rotting, swelling and cracking. A think polyurethane foam core helps insulate your home from heat, cold and outside noise. Our steel entry doors are available in 6’8”and 8’ heights. Custom sizes also available.

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Front Entrance Door Options