Swinging & French Patio Doors

What are French Patio Doors?

French Doors & Hinged Patio Doors are designed to open onto a patio, can make a dramatic statement, and add great ventilation. Sometimes referred to as exterior French patio doors, these types of doors will add an elegant finishing touch to your living space.

French Patio Door Designs

With your choice of material, you can find the door to match your style and décor. Choose between metal clad wood or fiberglass.

Aluminum Clad Wood: The metal clad wood option provides you with a low maintenance, aluminum exterior in your choice of 12 colours.

Fiberglass: With fiberglass doors you never have to worry about rotting or denting. They also hold paint better than wood. Fiberglass patio doors have a choice of smooth and paintable or a woodgrain texture that is either stainable or paintable. These doors are a stylish alternative to sliding patio doors.

Customize Your Exterior French Door Type

With multiple configurations, swing patio doors will fit seamlessly into your living space. With standard configuration doors you can choose single or double and all panels operate as full doors. These can be either inswing or outswing on the left or right.

Should French Doors Open In or Out?

Either – go with what works in your space. To help determine this, plot a semi-circle with your door’s jamp as the pivot point and test out what direction will be clear of obstructions and allow you enough space left to stand in as you open the door.

Inswing French Exterior Doors: Inswing garden patio doors have one operating panel and one or two additional panes that are fixed in place which imitates the look of the operating door and allows light in, but does not open.

Outswing French Exterior Doors: If you are looking for more airflow, an outswing atrium swing patio door is a great option. These doors offer a standard opening panel with one or two additional panels on either side that operate like a casement window and allow for venting through a screen. Outswing doors are perfect when you have limited space inside your home for the door swing.

All of our swing patio doors are available with multi-point lock hardware to ensure security and an improved weather seal.

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Aluminum Clad Wood French Patio Doors

With classic looking stain grade hem-fir wood interiors, this swing patio door allows for ease of staining or painting to match your interior finishes. This is the perfect door for you to add colour and personality to your exterior in any of our 12 colours.

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Fiberglass Swing Patio Doors

Fiberglass replacement swing patio doors offer dent resistant fiberglass skins to provide increased protection and durability. With smooth FiberTuff panels that hold paint well, and wood grain FiberStain panels that can be stained or painted ensure that there is a swing patio door to suit your décor and personal style.

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