Neat™ Easy Cleaning Glass

For windows that clean easier and stay clean longer. A thin, invisible titanium dioxide coating harnesses the power of the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Durable silicone dioxide treatment makes glass smoother as it ages so water disperses evenly, sheets off and evaporates quickly, greatly reducing water spotting. Please note, Neat is only available with Eco Shield 270 and Eco Max Shield 366.

Neat™ Self-Cleaning Windows

Your home is a window to the world seen through a lens of clear glass. It should be the cleanest, clearest lens possible

Neat, naturally clean glass by Ply Gem will ensure your lens to the world stays cleaner, clearer, longer.

From countless hours of research and development NEAT GLASS has been developed with a coating that activates with UV rays —even in low light.

NEAT GLASS is super-hydrophilic, not just repelling water, but sheeting water preventing spotting when raindrops dry, also giving windows a self-cleaning effect.

Some common problems like dust, bird-droppings and fingerprints wash away with every rainfall ensuring you spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying the view.

The protective layer of NEAT GLASS is made from the chemically combined titanium dioxide and silicone dioxide. This layer makes NEAT GLASS exceptionally smooth lowering waters angle of contact, making it super-hydrophilic creating NEATS sheeting effect—eliminating the spotting you get with hydrophobic glass. Note the demonstration. One side coated with NEAT, one side not. One side super-hydrophilic, one side simply hydrophobic.

Left to dry over 15 minutes you can see the sheeting action that makes NEAT the clear winner. The regular window leaves spots, while NEAT dries clear, spot free.

NEAT GLASS gives you the clearest, cleanest and best view of the world.

Get NEAT. Naturally clean glass by Ply Gem today.