Preserve Protective Glass Film

Protects glass in transit and on the job site. A clear factory-applied protective film attached on both inner and outer surfaces, ensuring glass surface is protected from damage, scratches, paint, and mud. Peels off in one smooth easy motion, taking all the accumulated dirt and labels with it, revealing spotless and undamaged glass.


Cardinal introduces a product to preserve your customers new glass.

Weather, delays, damages. Obstacles can be difficult to control. You need to protect your product from the hazards of the workplace.

Preserve from Ply Gem. The clear solution that protects glass

From shipping, manufacturing, storage, installation, and to the day your customer moves in.

Ensure the integrity of your product. Preserve helps builders save time, save frustration, save money; replacing damaged glass can be very costly. Throughout construction Preserve covers and protects your glass from scratches, chips, cracks, stucco, paint and other damage that can happen during the job.

Save man-hours spent on makeshift protection. From strenuous cleanup, to replacing damaged windows. Once construction is complete, peel off the Preserve to expose the clean, unscratched glass

Completing a project is good. Delivering that perfect, undamaged product is better.

Maintain your integrity. Keep your clients happy. Get Preserve to protect your glass.

Preserve from Ply Gem.