House Siding

Replacing your siding and other exterior accessories and finishes is just the face-lift your home has been waiting for. With Gienow Renovations it’s never been easier. Our windows, doors, and home siding product lines are designed to work together so your home will look stylish, professional and polished.

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House Siding for your style!

Each home has its own unique exterior siding needs. Whether you have vents and blocks to spare or you’d like to add some replica stone or longboard accents to your roofline or as a border along the ground, Gienow can help enhance your home’s exterior to your style.

Vinyl siding is a top home exterior choice for remodeling your home. Adding curb appeal with colours, profiles and sizes to suit your needs. Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance option that never requires painting and is water resistant, weather resistant and insect resistant, making it ideal. With three product lines to suit your budget, colour and performance needs, replacing your siding is easy.


Siding accents provide your home with options to customize and tailor your home to your style with finishing touches to add appeal and a unique flair. Accent your windows with Shutters, create a ground-level border with replica stone or even add longboard for a touch of nature to make your gable stand out.


Eavestroughing is your rainware or gutters that provide a path for water and weather to run away from your home, but it also includes your soffit and fascia that provide the finishing touches and moisture control your home needs to stay protected from the elements.