Eavestroughing and Rain Gutters

Your home’s final touch is its border of practical eavestroughing that channels water away from the foundation, as well as the Soffit and Fascia that borders the rooftop and overhangs to create positive air-flow and venting. Nothing finishes a home more than crisp, low-maintenance aluminum rainware and trims.

  • Stylish
    • With a wide selection of colours you can create a bold border or match Mitten Vinyl Siding by Ply Gem for the finishing touch, all working in harmony with colour matched products.
    • Two-coat acrylic means your eavestrough colour will resist fading and weathering for years of lasting beauty
    • Variety of styles in Soffit and Fascia to match your home styler
  • Performance
    • Aluminum eavestroughs with two-coat acrylic outlasts other finishes with scratch and scrape resistance and excellent colour retention
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Soffits provide a stylish venting opportunity for your attic and rafters by creating positive air flow to prevent moisture buildup.

  • Available in 20 colours
  • Available in 2 profiles: Solid and Full Venting
  • Full venting 5.16” sq./in per lin/ft of net free air space

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Aluminum Fascia

Your rafters deserve a lasting finishing touch with aluminum fascia matched to your soffit to create a border for your home.

  • Available in 20 colours
  • Available in 2 profiles: Smooth or Ribbed
  • Available in 3 widths: 6”, 8” and 10”

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While a necessary protection item on your home to whisk away water from the foundation of your home, Eavestroughs (also called gutters or rainware) doesn’t have to stick out like it doesn’t belong. With colours matching fascia and soffit as well as either matching or contrasting to siding colours depending on your design preference, your eavestroughs will transform into a design statement instead of an afterthought.

  • Available in 20 colours
  • A complete line of accessories to complete your project
    • Gutters
    • Downspouts
    • Elbows
    • Corners
    • End caps
    • Drip edges
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Eavestrough Options