Siding Accents

You don’t have to have just siding anymore. Your home is unique and by adding siding accents to your home, you can accent gables, decks, windows or any other features you want for a bold exterior.

  • Stylish
    • Combining multiple textures and materials creates a mixed media effect that is pleasing to the eye and increases curb appeal when done properly
    • Replica stone gives the effect of stone at an affordable price and comes in several tones
    • Longboard siding adds the look and feel of real wood onto your homes’ exterior
  • Low Maintenance
    • Aluminum and vinyl accents in Longboard and Shutters are maintenance free alternatives to wood
    • Replica stone doesn’t have mortar and won’t crack over time due to moisture and weather like traditional stone
    • Longboard is highly durable against rot, warp and peel
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Replica Stone (Faux Stone Siding)

Replica Stone a great cost-effective solution to real masonry. With multiple colour and texture options, this product accents any siding colours and textures and works together for an architecturally pleasing home exterior.

  • Available in 14 different colour and profile types

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Longboard Siding Accents

A maintenance free wood substitute that comes in a wide variety of colours and wood grains to enhance any home exterior regardless of the other exterior finishes. This is a popular product with architects and designers as a replacement to traditional wood.

  • Available in over 60 colours
  • Available in 23 wood grains
  • Added benefit over traditional wood of being a fire resistant siding

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Shutter Accents

Adding a pop of colour and curb appeal has never been easier. Shutters can be installed over any existing siding or exterior surface. The custom shutter program ensures a fit to the nearest 1/4″ with a one-piece appearance and low maintenance results.

  • Available in 17 colours
  • Available in 2 profiles
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Siding Accent Options