Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding offers a low maintenance exterior siding solution for your home. To ensure long-lasting beauty and performance for your home, our replacement siding has the following features.

  • High Performance
    • Mitten by Ply Gem Siding is weather resistant and can withstand winds up to 313 kph. It is virtually indestructible
    • Fade resistant Mitten siding colours with lifetime fade protection ensures your colour lasts as long as your home
    • Insect resistant
    • Vinyl never absorbs water so rotted out exterior siding will be a thing of the past High Performance
    • Roll-over nail hem for a sturdy finish that resists bowing and buckling
  • Stylish
    • With up to 37 siding colour choices (depending on the series) there’s a colour for your home
    • Selection of 3” to 5” triple and double vinyl panels to ensure the definition you want
    • 3 profiles to choose from: horizontal, dutchlap and board and batten
    • Siding colours are matched to aluminum and accessories such as blocks and vents for a seamless finished look.
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Sentry 44 Series Vinyl Siding

As the premium vinyl siding product, the Sentry 44 Series has a 0.044” thick panel. A prominent cedar grain texture and low-gloss finish ensures this product line has depth and definition.

  • Available in all 37 offered colours
  • Available in 3 profiles – Board and Batten, Double 4” Horizontal and Double 4.5” Dutchlap.

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Highland 42 Series Siding

With the largest selection of profiles and a 0.042” thick vinyl panel, the Highland 42 Series has the most options for stylish design. The satin finish wood-grain texture works well with many different architectural styles.

  • Available in 19 colours influenced by nature
  • Available in all 6 profiles – Triple Three, Double 5” Horizontal, Double 5” Dutchlap, Double 4.5” Horizontal, Double 4.5” Dutchlap, and Double 4”

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Oregon Pride 40 Series

The standard product line offering a 0.040” thick panel. The Oregon Pride 40 Series has all natural colours and a subtle wood-grain painted texture.

  • Available in 16 colours
  • Available in 5 profiles – Double 5” Dutchlap, Double 4.5” Dutchlap, Double 4.5” Horizontal, Double 4” Dutchlap and Double 4” Horizontal.
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Vinyl Siding Options