Brickmould Options

With several types to fit your home, brickmould gives that impact that you want to maximize your curb appeal.

New Construction style bold brickmould features a nail fin for easy installation when your exterior finishes are not completed or are being replaced.

Renovation style brickmould allow windows to be installed directly without disturbing existing exterior finishes.  Renovation brickmould features a removable snap cap which covers the screw used during installation, leaving behind a flawless finished look. This style of brickmould is available on all four-sides or with three-sides brickmould and the bottom sill with a slightly protruding subsill.

Rebate flush frame and stucco return frame styles are excellent for replacing old aluminum sliders without disturbing your existing finishes.

Brickmould Materials

Vinyl Brickmould Corner

Vinyl brickmould comes with 6 colour options and is available in the following types:

2″ New Construction
2″ 2-Part Renovation
1 5/8″ 2-Part Renovation
Rebate Flush
Stucco Return

Aluminum Clad Brickmould Corner

Aluminum Clad Vinyl and Clad Wood Brickmould come matching your exterior frame colour and are available in the following type:

2″ 2-Part Renovation

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Vinyl Brickmould Colours

*Colours may vary based on screen resolution





Chocolate Brown

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Brickmould Styles

New Construction

Comes in white and beige vinyl only

2-Part Renovation (Subsill)

6 Colour options in vinyl, colour matched to frame for clad

Rebate Flush/Stucco Return

6 vinyl colour options available