Glass & Glazing

Glazing is an important option in your windows. Our Low E glazing options do more than just lower your homes’ energy bills. They deliver comfort, create less condensation and protect valuables from sun damage far better than conventional clear glass. Plus, they meet specific solar and energy control needs for different climates and geographic regions nationwide. Glazing comes in several varieties from clear, to tinted, to naturally clean and even obscure textures. Below is a summary of the options available.

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Low E Glazing

Eco Gain 180 High Solar Gain Glass

A great choice for our northern climate because it allows solar energy to pass through the glass to provide “free heat” in winter. Low E reflects heat back into the room, reducing home heating needs. Throughout the year, Eco Glass Gain 180 protects furnishings from fading and insulates against extreme temperatures.

Eco Shield 270 Solar Control Glass

A good choice for variable climates. In summer, Eco Glass Shield 270 can reduce solar heat gain by 50% or more compared to ordinary glass. In winter, argon fill and Low E work together to maintain comfort and reduce energy needs. Throughout the year, Eco Shield 270 protects against fading without darkening your view.

Eco Max Shield 366 Ultimate Performance Glass

This “spectrally selective” glass provides the highest level of comfort, energy savings and fade protection. Instead of one or two layers, the glass is coated with three layers of silver to block summer heat and retain your home’s heat in winter – with no room-darkening tints and virtually no exterior reflectance.

Eco Tint 240 Glare Control Glass

Eco Tint 240 is a specially treated version of Low E glass that provides effective glare control to maximum solar heat blockage – without creating discomfort near the glass inside, or the visual nuisance of highly reflective glass outside. It also maintains year-round comfort, blocking oppressive solar heat gain and maintaining cool glass temperatures in summer, as well as warm inside glass temperatures in winter.

NEATTM Naturally Clean Glass

For windows that clean easier and stay clean longer. A thin, invisible titanium dioxide coating harnesses the power of the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Durable silicone dioxide treatment makes glass smoother as it ages so water disperses evenly, sheets off and evaporates quickly, greatly reducing water spotting. Note: NEAT is only available with Eco Shield 270 and Eco Max Shield 366.

PreserveTM Protective Film

Protects glass in transit and on the job site. A clear factory-applied protective film attached on both inner and outer surfaces, ensuring glass surface is protected from damage, scratches, paint, and mud. Peels off in one smooth easy motion, taking all the accumulated dirt and labels with it, revealing spotless and undamaged glass.

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Obscure Glass

Obscure textured or coloured glass ensures privacy while still allowing light to penetrate in bathrooms and other rooms requiring privacy. It also adds interest and decorative effect. Tinted glass provides a combination of energy savings and glare control.







1/2″ Reeded

Satin Etch




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DG1 – Double-glazed  •  Single Low E coating  •  One argon filled air space

TG1 – Triple-glazed  •  Single Low E coating  •  Two argon filled air spaces

TG2 – Triple-glazed  •  Double Low E coating  •  Two argon filled air spaces

R-VALUE (Centre of Glass)

R-Value: A measure of heat flow through a window. The higher the number, the better the glass is at blocking heat.


SHGC: A measure of solar radiation transmitted through the glass. Higher numbers mean more heat gain in a home


UV Transmission: A measure of UV radiation transmitted through the glass. The lower the number, the better the glass is at protecting furnishings from fading.


VLT: A measure of visible light transmitted through the glass. Higher numbers mean more daylight can enter a room.