Jamb Liners

A jamb liner is used to extend the interior of your window to cover the thickness of your walls and transition between the window and your interior trim. The liners cover the inside surface of the headjambs, side jambs and sill. For both vinyl and aluminum clad vinyl windows, you have several options to finish your interior to your design needs. There is maintenance free vinyl, cellular PVC, stainable oak or hem fir, or paintable pre-primed wood. Jamb liners can be customized to fit any wall depth.

Drywall return channels accepts drywall or millwork that is applied on site instead of a factory applied jamb liner. These are available in 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes to suit your specific needs.

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Jamb Liner Types


Cellular PVC

Hem Fir


Pre-Primed Wood

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Drywall Return Types

1/2″ Drywall Return

3/4″ Drywall Return