Slider Windows

Slider windows are an economical, yet classic windows crafted with low maintenance materials and tight seals to keep out the cold and heat – perfect for variable climate experienced in Calgary.

Slider windows come in two different orientations;

  • Horizontal sliders that slide left and right. Frequently called double slider windows, they come in 2- and 3-lite combinations to suit your space, and
  • Single hung sliders that lift up and down.

Double Slider windows for Basements

Double slider windows have 2 lites, both of which slide left and right. These windows are perfect for basements as both sashes can be open at the same time to let in more air flow. Double slider window sashes can also both be removed to provide greater access to the downstairs.

Gienow replacement sliding windows all have the following features to keep you comfortable:

Stylish and Secure

  • To increase the curb appeal of your home, choose from multiple grille types in an array of colours and patterns. A wide variety of interior and exterior accessories available.
  • Make your windows more prominent with optional 2-inch exterior brickmould.
  • Our sliding windows come with anti-lift sash to provide additional security.
  • Robust, centre-mounted knife latch lock is easily operated and provides excellent security. Dual locks featured on units of greater height or width.
  • Single Hung sliders incorporate spring balances for easy and quiet operation, and to hold the sash open at any height.
  • Horizontal sliders run on non-marking rollers for a clean appearance and consistently smooth operation.
  • Steel reinforcement added to top pull rail in single hung sliders.
  • Vinyl extrusions are formulated to withstand the harshest climates year after year and their multi-chambered design optimizes both strength and thermal efficiency.

Energy Efficient Design

  • Many glazing options available with a variety of glass options to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Single and double sliding windows provide efficiency for any climate.
  • Tri-Fin weatherstripping on operating sash provides superior seal without compromising smooth operation.
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Slider windows feature non-marking acetal (nylon) rollers for smooth and clean operation for the life of the window.

Robust sash locks operate easily, and align properly every time.

Steel reinforcement is added to provide structural integrity.

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Vinyl Slider Windows

Known for energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance, sliding vinyl windows are the most commonly used window type in North America today.

  • Available in white or beige colours.
  • With two different frames, one larger for triple-glazed units and one smaller for double-glazed units, Gienow’s sliding windows have proper sized frames designed to easily accommodate full-sized sashes and sealed units.

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Aluminum Clad Vinyl Slider Windows

The elegance of aluminum-clad combined with the durability and low maintenance of vinyl.

  • Fully extruded aluminum cladding available in twelve colours. Enhanced Colour Protection (ECP) – which utilizes acroflur paint, a Kynar® based coating – is added to darker colours to resist fading and chalking.
  • Available in white or beige vinyl interior to match your colour scheme.

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Sliding Window Options